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vanishes and lacquers

Traditionally clear tough protective finishes for use on wood around the home; today they are also available in a range of colours and sheens. They can be applied over most previously stained surfaces and as a maintenance protective coat on furniture etc. Mainly water based for interior use but can also be solvent based. Acrylic and Polyurethane based products are the most widely used as they are easy to apply, quick drying and give strength and mar resistance making them very durable.
Product Type
Where to Use
Interior Varnish
Interior wood shelves, doors, furniture, skirting, stairs, windows etc
The most common type of interior varnish is water-based, clear varnish known as "Quick Dry" available in matt, satin and gloss finishes. Interior varnish resists cracking and peeling and protects from wear and tear. Re-coats in approx. 2hrs; clean up brushes in soapy water. Most coloured varnishes are available in gloss and satin finishes.
NOTE: High performance varnishes (solvent or water-based) are also available in gloss and satin finish in "clears" (transparent) or a range of colours. They offer the ultimate protection in that they are scratch-resistant as well as , water and heat-resistant.
TIP: When applying a water-based varnish, the grain may raise, giving some surface roughness. To avoid this, pre-dampen the surface, allow to dry for 30 mins., carefully sand in the direction of the grain and wipe off dust before re-coating. Stir but never shake varnish as air bubbles will give a poor finish. Finally, note that Imperfections tend to show up more on a glossier finish!
Floor Varnish Floors and stairs Product ranges include "Quick Drying", which is available in matt, satin and gloss finishes in varying colours; clear, more heavy-duty products are available for use in kitchens, hallways etc.; super-tough clear varnish (often polyurethane-based) is available for the highest protection levels, this can be used over wood dyes and other stains, and comes in gloss and satin finish.
TIP: Varnish is best applied in a cool environment to avoid problems of a a "ripple" effect.
NOTE: With polyurethane coatings, follow the re-coat drying instructions carefully recoating too soon can cause wrinkling/blistering, and if you wait too long you may get poor adhesion of the second coat.
Woodwashes Unfinished or bare interior wood Woodwashes add subtle colour and allow the natural grain of the wood to come through. Apply by brush, lint-free cloth or sponge.
Wood Colours Interior bare or finished wood often for smaller decorative areas eg rails and frames, furniture, shelves, skirting etc Wood colours retain the texture of the woodgrain, and give a tough, wipeable finish. They are quick-drying products that come in matt finishes in a range of colours. Pearl finishes as well as products suitable for use on melamine are avalable in this versatile category.
Decorative Grain Paint Effect Cupboards, melamine, MDF, and other interior wood Limited range available, but enables you to create a grain effect on a surface which is not wood grained. Follow instruction on the container for best results.
Wood Dyes All interior wood This is a traditional way to colour wood. Use a lint-free cloth to rub the dye into the surface, allow to dry. Can be protected with a clear coat of varnish if desired.
NOTE: Always read the manufacturers guideline for each product as there may be variations to the general information given in the section

resources: www.paintquality.co.uk

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