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    Jotun plans for an aggressive approach using the integrated product strategy and massive advertising budget over 150 million baht after its impressive growth in 2008, amid the poor economic environment. Growth was accounted for in Decorative, Protective Coatings and Marine business segments and Jotun believes that the companys improved market share in each segment will continue in 2009. 
          Jotun are an innovative company will continue to support in sales and marketing during 2009 by launching new products for all segments. The first product to be officially launched in 2009 is Jotaguard 82 which was created as an alternative to Coal Tar based products. Jotun acknowledges that not all users of its products conform to the Jotun recommendations for safe handling of their products. As such Jotun have taken the step to phase out Coal Tar containing products as a way to improve the Health, Safety and Environment of those using Jotun Paints.
          Mr. Eric Mallace, Managing Director of Jotun Thailand Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of Jotun Paints in Thailand, said There is evidence that coal tar can have negative effect on both health and environment if not handled correctly. Jotun do not wish to continue with such products and through the innovation process have found alterative solutions that still meet the market demands in a safer and more environmentally way. This is often a challenge in the chemical industries but as solutions are found improvement is possible. This year, we are proud to introduce Jotaguard 82, that has been developed under the concept of health, safety environment as a replacement of coal tar epoxy. 
          Mallace went on to say, We have developed our business in Thailand and have grown alongside the Thai society for the past 40 years. We see ourselves as responsible manufacturers of paint and coatings to the Thai consumer. As such we are very proud that, despite there being no local legislation to ban coal tar containing products in Thailand, the Jotun Group has chosen Jotun Thailand as the first company to launch Jotaguard 82. 
          Jotaguard 82 is aimed at replacing coal tar epoxy and has been developed with enhanced safety and quality features. The paint has high volume solid of 80% that gives a higher spreading rate of the coatings to cover a larger area. The long maximum over-coating time of 7 days allows for flexibility in paint application, providing room for other work to be carried out in order to meet the overall project schedule which saves time and money.
          Analyzing the paints market for Decorative, Protective Coatings and Marine market in Thailand, Mr. Mallace said that Jotun enjoyed increase sales volume figure of the year 2008 which was 18% higher than the year 2007. Of course, this year we will focus in bolstering sales of Jotun in Thailand despite of the intense competition. This is why we decided to introduce Jotaguard 82 in the first quarter of the year as an alternative for consumers who will gain benefit from the new product. We are confident that we will continue to develop our market shares in all segments during 2009. Our 3 year strategic goal is to strengthen our market leader position in Protective and Marine coatings and be strong number 3 player in Decorative Coatings. We have the ambitions to have market share of 39%, 33% and 18% respectively. Investment will remain continuous in these 3 markets with strong focus on health and safety environment for both our consumers and our employees. he concluded.
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